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Top Ten Construction Clauses Part I-Indemnification

Whether you are an owner, general contractor, subcontractor, or supplier, the beginning of the year isthe perfect time to analyze the most important contract clauses in your existing construction contracts, as well asany pending or upcoming contracts, to ensure that the responsibilities and expectations of the parties have beenaddressed and any risks and contingencies inherent in construction projects have been appropriately allocated.Although the extent to which a party to a contract can negotiate some or all of these terms into their contractswill depend upon numerous factors, such as bargaining power, the value of the project, and market forces, it iscritical to have a general understanding of these critical construction clauses. This article is the first of a tenpartseries analyzing the ten most critical construction clauses, the implication of such clauses on both parties tothe contract, and discussing relevant and/or recent decisional authority addressing the clauses. The follo…